The Candidate

About a month ago, I had the opportunity to perform my first political photo-shoot. Chris Gill is running for City Council in College Park, Maryland. You can find more information on his platform on these sites:


Chris contacted me to acquire some images to use on his website and we decided to make it a family event. Chris and his wife Emily are the parents of adorable twins and we were lucky enough to capture a few shots with the whole family. This shoot was fairly straightforward. My husband and I traveled to the Gill home in College Park and decided to take some photos at their local park and in their own backyard. Choosing this location ensured that the twins would not be overwhelmed by traveling. More importantly, I thought it was vital that we try and capture the charm of the district Chris hopes to represent. When we were walking to the shoot location, we walked by some of Chris’s neighbors who he easily exchanged friendly banter with. I don’t know Chris well but have played several board games with him in the past. From what I’ve seen and the passion he demonstrates daily on social media regarding current events, I have no doubt he will make his district a better place to live for his family and his community.

This shoot proved challenging for me for several reasons. The location provided a nice green space which played well with the dark blue, magenta, and pastel green/blue color scheme we crafted for the photos. There were some issues though. The first was that a large playground area was under construction which result in a large orange net being visible in background of several shots. Additionally, the lighting at the location was problematic and it took significant effort to locate areas that did not overshadow or overexpose the family.  I learned a very important lesson about color changing lenses and to ensure that I ask clients who wear glasses about them before planning an outdoor shoot. As a personal criticism, I should have focused more on getting usable pictures of Chris and gotten family photos as an after thought. I believe I was distracted by the power of twin adorableness. We did capture one excellent head shot that I am very proud of (below) but I do wish I had gotten a few more for variety. I wish the Gill family success in their campaign and all future endeavors.



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